Established in 2021, fully-owned by its managing partners, armed with sharp industry expertises, instinctive aptitude to discover emerging trends & opportunities for capital growth, the Holdings secured and consolidated a diversified shareholding portfolio. 

Focused investments are carried out directly or via subsidiaries across a wide range of industries and asset classes, including supply chain management, aviation, real estate, and digital transformation.

Supply Chain

Prioritize fulfilling effective end-to-end supply chain and focus on identifying environmentally friendly and efficient alternative solutions.


Facilitate convenient & affordable international trade while building a streamlined and reliable network.

Industrial Real Estate

Value-based investments in logistics real estate projects and assets, such as warehouses, distribution facilities, and fulfillment centers.


Invest in Software as a Service (SaaS) that offer disruptive and transformative supply chain solutions.

Corporate Video

Investment Sector

Investment Sector