• Providing smart initiatives with the goal of delivering effective and efficient business results.
  • Mastering in deliver comprehensive strategies for cross border investment, operation & finance.
  • Adopt and implement new technologies across investment sectors and eco-systems.
  • Support & apply eco-friendly approach, following international green guidelines.

Core Values

Integrity and Transparency


and Tech-driven



Code of Practices

1Scopes and responsibilities commitment

We have a broad investment scope that supports multi-faceted fields. We categorize our investment activities and define clear responsibilities accordingly for all investment & business agreements.

2Fair competition

We support competition that is based on the essential values of products/ services. We do not negotiate or exchange pricing and bidding information, this includes pricing, discounts, promotions, license fees, warranties, and terms and conditions of sale.

Our rules of fair competition are also consistent with the letter of the laws. Every supervisor must ensure that marketing, sales and purchasing personnel are aware of the content and spirit of our standards and applicable competition laws.

3Responsibilities to stakeholders

We are responsible to our stakeholders for making decisions in strict accordance with the interests of the Holdings and stakeholder.

We avoid situations where our commitment is divided or appears to be divided. If the situation arise, we are open to to discuss and resolve the resolution.

4Transparent information

Information provided about products and services, including the availability and supply, must be accurate, evidence-based as applicable, and presented using transparent, fair and appropriate means.

5Data protection and confidentiality

We define the business purpose for which business/ personal information is used and collected, and where possible, use non-identifiable information.

We provide appropriate notice before collecting business information.

We take reasonable steps to protect business/ personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration.